Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yes, well, all wedding vendors know that it is that time of the year that weddings slow way down and we take a breather!  I don't have one every weekend to share with you on this blog but in the meantime I am busy meeting with couples about officiating their weddings in 2011 and 2012. There are two weddings coming up this month, one on December 18th and another one New Year's Eve so look forward to seeing these weddings soon. Consequently, I have some time to make changes and improvements to the blog and write about other things besides a particular wedding. I took the opportunity about a week ago to refresh the look of my blog with a new template, color scheme and a new photo header. How do you like it? Please leave a comment for me. One person said to me after looking at the new photo: "But all their heads are cut off!" She thought it was just appearing that way on her computer screen but I told her it was an intentional artsy type photo that I particularly like, especially the colors. And, the people are not identifiable. Oh yes, that is really one of my brides right before her wedding with her maidens, the matron of honor being her mother--the one holding the hankie! What do you think of this photo?

Here's another one I like too but I don't have the name of the adorable flower girl and I have heard it is not wise to use photos in which the people are recognizable without a release signed by them. (I do get permission from my couples to use photos of their wedding on my blog,though.) So I thought it best not to feature this photo as the header on the blog:
A long horizontal photo is required for the header. Could have used this one but it is quite "busy."
Or this one:
I now have just culled through all the 2010 and 2009 blog photos and cropped the following photos into horizontal ones. Subject, color, "recognizableness" of the people in the photo all must be taken into consideration.
 A row of baskets of flowers waiting to be hung on the chairs on the aisle.
 A gorgeous bride's bouquet of lilies.
 Bouquets waiting to be carried down the aisle.
 A wedding at The Umstead. Such a magnificent setting!
Same wedding. Doesn't it look like that one lily is going to take a bite out of my neck or is tapping me on the shoulder?Actually it is not that close to me but just looks that way.
 Not very colorful or sharp focus.
 These sweet flowers were in small pots wrapped in burlap to give to the guests as favors.
 I love this photo. Wish the cars were not in the background. The shadows are sooooo long!
Beautiful wedding at Haywood Hall this past October. I have lightened the top one.
Another bride's beautiful bouquet.
Pouring the sand. Action shot. Like the pink and green.
Here is a photo that I have cropped two different ways. Like the colors. This is the way one florist decorated the railing at the entrance to All Saints Chapel. So pretty. I must admit, it would look very pretty as a header. But does it say "wedding?"

Do you prefer one of these photos more than the header now on my blog? If so, why? Let me know by leaving a comment or email me directly with your feedback although I don't promise to make any change. I am curious to know what you think.

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