Friday, November 16, 2012


Awesome Wedding With Darling Details

REVIEW on the knot:

October Wedding    posted 11/5/2012
In planning a wedding unless you have been to the vendor you take a chance a follow your heart. Our daughter chose the Hawthorne Hotel from an online search. She loved Salem as a child and wanted her fiance and his family to experience New England there. From the moment we met L. Otis we knew it would be perfect. We were very upfront and told them our budget and time constraints and we were told, " no problem, we can help you and work in your budget". How often have you heard those words when planning a wedding. They kept to their promise and our wedding was perfect and within our budget. Katelyn wanted different. Fall elements with crystal trees. Pictures beforehand called first look. Purple and orange for colors. Lindsay gave me the list of vendors. Darlene was magnificent from Flowers by Darlene. She had to work via email and meetings and it was great. She did trees and we had 25 crystals hanging off of them with alternating tables with fall decorations in pumpkins. Everyone raved over them. David LaChappell the photographer did every picture the bride and groom wanted. He was creative, kind, professional and the pics are more than we hoped for. The Hawthorne Hotel itself was incredible. Our guest were from across the country. They were wonderful with all the accomadation needs. But the wedding is where they excelled. Liz told me not to worry on the day of the wedding and I didn't. Everything was in place. everything went as planned. There is not ONE thing they could have done better. The food was so incredible and plentiful. When was the last time you went to an event and walked away shaking your head going WOW well that is what our guests did. It is now three weeks later and people are still sending us notes raving about the event. Most of our nieces and nephews have been married within the last 10 years. Even their parents have been moved by our wedding. If you are reading this and have any questions my email is at the end. Feel free to use it and ask me anything. My advice, stay true to yourselves and your budget. Work it out before you go so they can work with you. We did not have one surprise charge as I hear some people do. They keep you up to date, you pay over time in the months beforehand and the stress is just not there. Weddings should be once in a lifetime. Hawthorne Hotel made our daughters dream a reality and I am sure they can do it for you as well. Congrats on your upcoming event. Cheryl

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