Sunday, November 25, 2012

Danny contacted me in September to see if I could officiate his and Kristy's wedding at Angus Barn Wine Cellar on November 3rd or 17th. I was available both dates.
In the meantime, before we could meet, they fell in love with the historic chapel on the campus of St. Mary's School campus. It was built in 1842 and is in pristine condition today. They were able to book the chapel for Saturday November 24th. The three of us met on September 18th and started planning their ceremony. November 24th dawned a crisp clear and breezy fall day with temperature of about 50 degrees and full sun shining through the beautiful stained glass windows.
The altar area was decorated with flowers and candles. The sun was streaming through the stained glass window and the image did not show up on this shot. 
Marty got up close and beneath the window and got this nice picture of the pretty angel looking over the chapel.
Over the front door at the opposite end of the chapel was this beautiful stained glass window.
Our musicians were warming up when we arrived. Erin Peters on violin and Emilly Olsen on piano are friends of the bride. Enjoyed their music and thank them for hanging in there despite the ceremony starting late. Look at that wonderful organ behind them!
After the seating of the parents and Danny's grandfather who traveled from Michigan for the wedding and the processing in of honorary maid of honor, two flower girls and the adorable son of the bride, Kristy and her father, Bill entered.
After the welcome, prayer, remembering those not with us, a reading and blessing of Benjamin, the bride and groom exchanged vows and rings.
I invited Benjamin up to join us for the Family Unity Sand ceremony. He was adorable and so well behaved.
 Then I made the pronouncement of marriage. 
This is not the first kiss! The first kiss was so brief, I made them kiss again so we could get a picture!
 Stepping into their new life together! 
Danny and Kristy, congratulations on your marriage. I wish you all the best life has to offer!

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