Sunday, November 25, 2012

There are a few of the many fabulous catalogs you could choose from in 1929-1930. These advertised for urban shoppers, but also brought fashion to that rural small town gal who wanted to wear the latest thing.

The Charles William Stores started in 1913 in New York.
Did you know Lane Bryant started in 1904 selling maternity clothes?
I have posted about a 1940's Bella Hess catalog here.
The Hamilton Garment Company still sells fine shirts.
I only found more ads from Elmer Richards Company. Do you know more history of this Chicago business?
The Minneapolis Knitting Works had a long history before closing in 1952.
Frederick Herrschner Inc. is still in business today selling crafts.
And here is another ad from the Dolly Gray Company.

So there was no excuse for you or your family not to be well dressed!

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