Thursday, November 15, 2012

Your wedding reception is booked and food menus are finalised, apart from your speeches and first dance what else will you do to add that special touch to your night? You want to entertain your guests with something spectacular, really give them that wow factor that so many other weddings lack. Apart from the obvious choice of a live band it can be difficult to brainstorm fun and unique activities or entertainment which is why we have compiled a range of ideas to have your special night imprinted in the memories of your guests for life.

Firstly you should ask yourself a few key questions:

1. What is your budget?
2. What type of atmosphere are you trying to create?
3. Is there something you and your partner enjoy, its a great idea to choose entertainment that represent your personalities or perhaps culture.

Photobooth - Everyone loves to dress up and have their photo taken right? This is a brilliant way to add some fun to the evening whilst giving you a keepsake of all the photos taken. Tip: there are a range of different photobooths out there we love the companies who provide a photoalbum on the night where two copies of the image is printed one for your guest to keep and the other is pasted in the album for your guest to leave a nice message.

Comedian - A stand up comedian will surely remove the seriousness from the evening and add a little fun and laughter. Tip: preview you comedian first to ensure they are appropriate for the occasion and appealing to your guests.

Fireworks - Indoor or outdoor end your night with a bang. This one is defiantly one for those with a bigger budget. Tip: If you are having outdoor fireworks be sure to gain council approval.

Living Statues - Surprise your guests as that fascinating sculpture in the corner jumps to life.

Caricaturist - Have an artist mingle with your guests and capture their inner cartoon selves on a one off portrait that they can keep forever.

A Look-a-like - How fun to have a martini with James Bond or having a dance with Michael Jackson, an impersonator will provide for some fun photos and a few surprises.

Candy Buffet - There are some gorgeous jars available to hire and you can fill them with candies, chocolates and gourmet treats for your guests to help themselves to. Why not go all out and have a chocolate fountain with marshmallows and fruits to dip, we guarantee there will be a line up.

Dancers - Belly, salsa, burlesque or hula dancers, fire jugglers, Hakka performers whatever you choose dancers will create a vibrant atmosphere with entertaining routines and magnificent costumes and colour.

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