Monday, December 31, 2012

Kay and Dwight have each been married and raised a family but their marriages did not stand the test of time. When they met each other, they knew right away they were right for each other. Kay called me on December 5th to see if I could officiate their wedding on December 22, 2012 in Zebulon. She had a good friend who wanted to host their wedding. I was delighted that I was available and so we started working on the ceremony and I met Kay and Dwight on the evening of December 13th to finalize the ceremony.
When the big day arrived, my husband, Dave, and I arrived at the wedding site. It was a beautiful home with an attached gazebo set on many acres of rolling grassy land. The weather was a bit chilly and windy yet quite sunny but they wanted to go ahead and do the ceremony outdoors as planned.  I had worn my long heavy velvet coat and although the wind blew my hair all around I was fine.

When the bride was ready, the guests donned their coats and stepped out onto the deck. Dwight, Ike (best man), Bradley (Kay's 8 year old son), and I took our places in the gazebo while their friend started rolling the video camera to record the wedding.
Kay's daughter, Alicia, was her mother's Maid of Honor and she processed in first.
Then Kay began her walk down the "aisle." 
Dwight met her halfway. 
Together they walked the rest of the aisle and joined us in the gazebo.
We included a children's blessing for this blended family. We recognized Kay's children, Bradley and Alicia, and Dwight's two grown daughters, Heidi and Katie. We also acknowledged Dwight's parents who were present and remembered Kay's parents who are deceased.
Tears of happiness were streaming down both of their faces and after trying to wipe the tears myself, I just handed Kay the hankie so she could do the job!
"Family and friends, it is my privilege to introduce to you for the first time, Dwight and Kay, husband and wife!"
Kay and Dwight, may your marriage be everything you dream of and may peace, happiness and love richly bless your family now and always! 

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