Thursday, January 3, 2013

Catherine and David married some years ago in Louisiana and brought their sons, Caleb and Seth, into the world. Somewhere along the way their marriage hit a snag and they divorced. After a while they came to the conclusion that splitting up had been a mistake and that they really belonged together. So, Catherine contacted me to officiate their ceremony. They live in Louisburg and wanted to get married on the Thursday evening after Christmas, December 27th.
They decided to make their wedding a celebratory trip to Raleigh so they came to my house and we had the ceremony my living room with Caleb and Seth as witnesses (and Caleb wielding his Dad's camera to document the occasion).
We gathered in front of my ficus tree which I have drafted into being my Christmas tree for the past few years.
When the wedding party arrived, my dogs, Heidi and Cybelle (schnauzer mixes), greeted them and David greeted them with great affection. Catherine explained to me that David is a veterinarian and of course is quite fond of dogs! My husband, Dave, took these pictures for the blog.
Usually I put the pups in another room during a wedding or inside the house if the wedding is outside in my garden. This time they were allowed to stay for the ceremony and gathered at our feet and were amazingly still and quiet. What a magic spell David cast!
 "I now pronounce that you are husband and wife, once again!"
Catherine and David, I think you were meant for each other and I wish you all the best this second time around!! Thank you for letting me be part of your wonderful day of reuniting!

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