Monday, March 4, 2013

It may have been a wee bit of an ancient day for London fashion weeks as Innovative director Sarah Burton, introduced the show home for the first time this last Wednesday.

“It seems right to pay attention to Savile Row for our first ever Alexander McQueen men's wear in London, particularly seeing as we started out our men's clothing shop on Savile Row at the end of last year.” She added: “This selection is complete of designing customs and simple sources to English style.” said Burton.

Even as the selection was intensely targeted on perfection developing, I did not see the English intricacy, I though it very obvious. Extremely pleased, with a classic, conventional feel that shown the pretence and classicism of Savile Row.

The show was a little spooky. Designs were made to appear like manikins, dressed in nasty masks and synthetic look hair. They trotted throughout hardly light and apparently discontinued rooms with a roof that seemed as if it may give way at any time, all the while piping the sound of window shutters clacking in the background.

The look: polka spots, pinstripe and patterns that seemed like abstracts marked glass pieces.. Pagoda shoulders, sharp silhouettes, contrasting fabrics and pants that were cropped with a small flare cut to the ankles. Lastly longer, indicated collars completed the twist on an otherwise completely English look.

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