Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why not have some different entertainment at your wedding reception for those guests who would appreciate your thinking outside the box and hire Josh Lozoff, the fantastic wedding magician who strolls among your guests doing some incredible magic or could stage a magic show at some point in the evening? My husband and I love to go to the parties where he mingles through the crowd and has us in awe with his amazing magic stunts. He is always entertaining and personable.

See the many testimonials of brides and grooms who hired him for their reception on his website. Here is one I copied off his site:

“Joshua Lozoff ‘magically’ mingled informally among the guests during our client’s wedding reception! Guests loved his on-on-one magic tricks and the word quickly spread through the reception that a magician was amongst the crowd! As an event planner, I appreciated his willingness to take on several special roles in leading the crowd from one room to another at the venue! He was eager to learn his work schedule in advance, he dressed appropriately for a black tie wedding reception, and tirelessly worked the crowd. Josh was a big success and our clients were thrilled with the magic he brought to their wedding reception!"

Josh lives locally and told me he would like to do more wedding magic! You can contact him from his website or Facebook site.

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