Thursday, May 23, 2013

Colby is in the military and he and his sweetheart, Ashton, needed to be legally married before he left for training. So, they hurriedly planned their wedding. Colby emailed me and we arranged everything by email and USPO.
They chose Sunday morning April 28, 2013 to tie the knot at the lovely historical home in Garner known as the Rand-Bryan House. I was tickled that I was available not only for their wedding but also because this would be my first wedding at that site. I was looking forward to meeting Martha Liles, the owner, at last! So, that beautiful spring morning I drove up to the venue and started taking some photos. Martha was waiting for me on the front porch and she immediately felt like an old friend. I was delight to find out that she was as glad to meet me as I was to meet her, finally!
 This sweet little cake was made by Stephanie Durand who is a friend, I think.
Before the ceremony, I handed Ashton's brother, Britt, my cell phone and asked him to snap a few photos during the ceremony. He blessed me with these gorgeous photos! Thanks!  Father of the bride, Joe, escorted Ashton across the grassy side lawn. 
Ashton sent me this photo (above) at my request after I saw it on her Facebook page. I love it! I don't know who took it though! 
If you don't get the blusher veil smoothed back it can obscure the bride's face in all her pictures.
The proposed ceremony I wrote for Ashton and Colbly got whittled down by the couple to about 5 minutes. They truly wanted "short and sweet."
The guests assembled in the house for the reception brunch where Donnie Wilson provided the music while the couple went off with their photographer, Jake Hamilton for photos. 
Ashton and Colby, what a pleasure to meet you and marry you! I wish you all the success and happiness possible!

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