Sunday, May 26, 2013

Rose called me on Monday April 29th to find out if I could perform hers and Mario's wedding the following Saturday of May 4, 2013. It was to be a small wedding with their daughter, Montana, Rose's sister,  a best man and his wife, and the bride and groom. I was happy that I was available to do their wedding in my garden at 3:00 that day and so it was set. They already had the marriage license.  
The day was a pretty one and when they arrived we got started. 
  First to enter was their sweet daughter, Montana, in her pretty dress!
 Then our bride! 
Mario met her halfway down the aisle and escorted her the rest of the way to the arbor where I was waiting.
Their best man got the time confused and was too far away to get there before start time, even if we delayed 15 minutes so we went ahead without him. Rose's sister, Helen, and my husband, Dave, served as the witnesses signing the marriage license.
I think Montana is pretty happy to see her parents get married and she loved being their flower girl!
The happy now official new family! Rose called me the day after their wedding to tell me some unfortunate news. While they were inside a restaurant celebrating after the ceremony, their car was broken into and their camera with all the photos Helen took on it was stolen. Thankfully I had these pictures which I was so happy to send her. 

Rose, Mario and Montana, congratulations! I wish you all the best ever!

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