Monday, July 15, 2013

Desiree contacted me in February about officiating their wedding on July 5, 2013 at All Saints Chapel. Their story is really a sweet one. They met at work in December of 2007 and admired each other from a distance. Adam thought Desiree was not only beautiful but fun to work with but it was her ability to balance all the chaos of working in a restaurant in such a seamless way that first truly caught his eye. Desiree knew her orders would come out correct with Adam in charge then she noticed his dreamy eyes, broad shoulders and amazing personality. They hung out with the same group of fellow employees and soon graduated from being just co-workers to acquaintances to best friends. 
In March of 2009 they officially became a couple, got engaged, and were blessed with the birth of their adorable son, Aiden, in 2012. He is such a sweet little boy and oh so full of energy!
Their photographer, Ironglass Jack, and their videographer Darrell, both hired by The Pros to cover this wedding, set up the "first look" scene and we got to watch it!
Meanwhile the cake and cupcakes by Brittany Holloman were set up. The Garden on Millbrook was catering the reception.
The birdcage card receptacle and place cards were ready. 
Our DJ, Steve, was also provided by The Pros. 
Diane on the left with the chapel graciously directed the wedding party for the processional. The bridesmaids wore the prettiest yellow dresses.
Desiree was escorted down the aisle by her sister, Dawn, and her husband, Geoffrey.
I kept this photo because the way the light refracted from the stained glass window behind them is so pretty!
 Jack is in the loft taking this photo from above.  
Desiree and Adam, you did it! Congratulations! I know you are so happy to be married. Your relationship has already stood the test of time and so I know your marriage will be enduring and satisfying. I wish you all the best!
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