Friday, August 2, 2013

Reflecting the brass plated architecture and the grainy texture of the desert sand, this texture combines modern day Arabic glamour and elegance with the traditional beading used on belly dancer costumes. This fabric contains a mixture of frayed chiffon, brass pearls, and metal seed beads.

Inspired by the radiant setting sun over the Middle East through is textural and boundless deserts, this fabric manipulation represents an Avant-garde approach towards the traditional Arabic embroided rugs. To create the richness and luxury feel of an Arabic rug in this fabric manipulation, I started off by dyeing an off white denim into a burnt orange colour. I then added eyelets throughout the surface. I then formed an abstract geometrical pattern on the fabric through threading the embroidery threads between multiple eyelets. To finish this manipulation off, an to add even more delicious textures on the fabric, I sewed metal seed beads in vertical lines, to generate a brassy affect.

The fabric on this texture was woven to replicate the Arabic cutout window panels used throughout the historical mosques and palaces. The fabric manipulation is backed on a sheer mesh to craft a light feel and look on the body.

The smocking manipulation was used to replicate the embossing technique used in Arabic furniture and architecture. The smocking was hand sewn in a woolen fabric to create a sculptural affect.

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