Friday, August 16, 2013

This past weekend was very very busy for us at the Hawthorne Hotel and Hawthorne Catering.  But that did not stop us from taking the time to make sure that every detail was perfect for each event, and along with that, of taking photos so that we could share them right here with you.

This was the wedding reception that took place in the Grand Ballroom on Saturday evening, August 10.

The flowers were from Flowers by Darlene, and they were beautiful, alternating low arrangements with tall ones, and using some interesting types of flowers.

The Sweetheart Table was not typical, and we really liked it for its uniqueness.  Generally we see tables for either the entire wedding party, or we see tables for just the bride and groom.  This table, set for the bride and groom and the best man and attendant of honor, seems to be just right!  I hope we see more of this kind of set-up.
 Isn't this a beautiful cake, complete with vintage "bride and groom".  So sweet!

 The Palladian windows in our Grand Ballroom create a stunning backdrop.
 The "grandmother" windows that you see in the distance in the photo below are just grand for the tossing of the bouquet.
I hope you enjoy this little look at our gorgeous Grand Ballroom.


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