Monday, September 2, 2013

I met Tami and Gene in May. They planned a wedding on August 30, 2013 on the green at The Club at 12 Oaks, a new upscale subdivision and golf club and course in Apex. They envisioned the ceremony out on the green and fairly casual. Both Tami and Gene are avid golfers so that was quite a fitting venue. However, about a month before the wedding, they found out that the clubhouse was not going to be ready on time and so switched their wedding and reception location to Prestonwood Country Club. The wedding in the grand ballroom took on a more formal elegance at that point and Tami decided to wear a traditional wedding gown. Dave (Marty being on vacation) and I arrived when the couple were posing for photos for their photographer, Aaron with Wedding Bug, on the beautiful stairway at the club.
This gorgeous and elegant staircase really showcases weddings! 
Our DJ, Tim Hazell with TJDJ Music, was already set up and waiting to hook my mic into his system and do a sound check. We have worked together before and so this was easy! 
The couple and I posed for our photo together then Gene took me aside, away from the bride, to tell me he was planning a surprise for her during the ceremony. He sings and plays the guitar, which I did not know until then. He told me that Tami had been wanting him to play and sing during the ceremony but he kept telling her he just was not comfortable doing that. All along he knew he would and had written a special song just for the occasion. So he and Tim hid a chair up on the landing ahead of time and planned for Tim to bring him his guitar when I announced "Tami, Gene has a surprise for you!" 
I found a comfortable spot to review the ceremony. It was going to be so much fun, especially with their story and the surprise!
When it was time to begin, I walked in first then Gene escorted his mother, Jean, in then stepped up onto the landing with me.
The Maid of Honor and sister of Tami, Mary, was escorted in by Gene's nephew Steven and Gene's son, Trey.
The bride's nephews, Angelo, Adrian and Julian, were our "golf club bearers!" They presented the flowered golf club to Gene then were seated.
And now, Tami was escorted in by her brothers, Tim and Tom. 
Low light levels turned this into a silhouette wedding! 
You can see Gene seated, playing and singing a wonderful song he composed for Tami. Of course the hankies came out and tears flowed!
Now, I have to tell you their story which I was probably doing at this point in the ceremony. Tami is quite a confident and secure woman and had decided years ago that she would not marry if she had to "settle." She is a career woman who also likes to have fun and always wanted a steady companion but he never walked into her life--until now. One day she decided to try online dating and posted her "request to the Universe" which read "Please be a gentleman, raised to be courteous, have sisters, be intelligent, affectionate, make me laugh, funny, and be a serious golfer, 12 handicap or below." One week later to the day, Gene sent her a message stating that although he did not possess any of those qualities, he was sure his stunning good looks and charm would overcome any shortcomings. Tami decided to humor him and agreed to have a brief dinner date. She was pretty sure it was a waste of her time but she needed to eat anyway and it was in a public place. Upon arriving, Gene presented her with a rose and a card since it was Valentine's Day. Tami was struck by his good looks, incredible fitness and magnetic charm. After dinner, Gene was feeling like it was time for him to leave when Tami bribed him to stay with a sleeve of golf balls and said "It's Valentine's Day. Please be mine and don't deny me." How could Gene resist? Well, he didn't and the next of many dates was on the golf course where he dazzled Tami with his game while she charmed him with her witty banter and equally good golf game. Well....maybe he is the better player, but now if he could only learn to putt as good as she can......It did not take them long to decide to marry and started planning this wedding which led to this wonderful day! 
And so I pronounced them husband and wife and invited them to kiss......
They make their way to the cocktail area to greet their guests. 
This beautiful cake by Prestonwood's pastry chef is transported to the center of the ballroom.
Congratulations, Tami and Gene! I am so happy you found each other. Tami, I am so proud that you held out for the best partner for you! Gene, that was an incredible song! May you both have a lifetime of happiness and good golf!

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