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I vår serie THE INTERVIEW, intervjuer vi bryllupsfotografer vi beundrer på mange grunnlag. Dette for å få vite mer om merkevaren deres, hvem som er 'bak kamera', og hva de tenker om seg selv og sin profesjon. Vi håper at våre intervjuer er til inspirasjon, både for kommende bruder, og andre fotograf kolleger. For oss er det viktig at de har en tydelig merkevare, en unik kvalitet og integritet. Som en ekstra bonus digger NWB fotografer med kul attitude, a backbone, and a funnybone. Vi ønsker å inspirere også de utenfor fotograf sværen med personlige spørsmål, som kan gi oss et glimt av menneskene bak alt det vakre visuelle. Hvem er de som fanger de store øyeblikkene i livene våre på så sjelsettende vis. Hva liker de, hva drømmer de om, og hva driver de? Denne gangen er det de superkule tjejerna bak 2 BRIDES PHOTOGRAPHY, som vi var så heldig å få stjele litt tid av. NWB har lenge vært fan av disse som balansere så fint med det vakre & unike med sitt spesielle sæpreg. Også er vi selvfølgelig fan av kule damer som vet hva de vil, og får det til. Yay - for girlpower!

In our series THE INTERVIEW, we interview wedding photographers we admire in different ways. We want to know about their brand, how they work, who's behind that lens, and what are they thoughts about their work and life. NWB hope that our interviews are an inspiration for brides to be, as well as fellow photographers in the industry. It is important for us that the selective photographers have recognizable brand, a unique quality, and integrity. We also like the extra flavor, such as a cool attitude, a backbone, and a funnybone. And by getting to know the people behind all that visual beauty, we also want to inspire everyone who is intrigued by getting to know people, life and love. Who are they? The ones that capture our lives important moments in such profound ways; what are their dreams, and what drives & thrives them? NWB try to give you the answers. This time it's the really cool chicks behind the brand 2 BRIDES PHOTOGRAPHY, we were lucky enough to steal some precious time from. We've been a fan of their inspirational & unique work for such a long time, and are so grateful to be able to share this with our readers. And we have a passion for cool women who know what they want, and go after it. Yay to girlpower!

1. When and how did you 'fall into' the photography business?
We both have a degree from university in commercial photography and met there 10 years ago. Before that we both worked as photographers for a few years. A mutual love for art, creativity and design led us down this path.

2. Photographing is a very personal matter, and are often unique because of the photographer, and how he or she sees it - what do 2BP believe wedding photography should be about?
For us it is very much a mix of fine art portraiture and storytelling, our unique vision of a wedding day, how we saw it, the mood, the emotions and the beauty of it all.

3. Have the process of creating your own unique style, been a lot of compromise, or have you always held on to your beliefs in your art? 
Remember film? You know the one you put in a camera and then develop? We not only remember it, we love and embrace it. Why? How the images looks speak volumes them selves, but if we had to say a few reasons for using it it is simple: It's the glow, the grain, the richness, the softness and the colors that can't be replicated. The honesty. The raw organic quality that make moments somehow feel more authentic. We are always thrilled at how our film images turn out and our clients are too.

4. When did you decide to do weddings - and was there ever a question not to shoot weddings?
When we started our business we searched for an opportunity and angle were two photographers was actually an advantage. Few photographers worked together back then, and no one in Sweden. So for us it was a way to shoot and work together. Everyone who has shot a 15 hour wedding knows how hard it is, like think of the small things. If you are two, one can take brake for five minutes or have a meal or go to the bathroom while the other one is covering.

5. Which moment do you think is the most important to capture during a wedding day?
There are obviously a few key moments but it is so more than that. The whole story is far more important when put together. But on Scandinavian weddings we'd say when the bride and groom see each other for the first time, walking down the aisle, reading the wows, the kiss, the congratulations and hugs from family and loved ones after the ceremony, the first dance as husband and wife.

6.  Do you shoot digital and film - or only one of them?
Hybrid. Mostly film but digit definitely has it's place too. Dark receptions for example, then we bring our our Mark III's and they rock dark venues.

7. What made you want to start a brand together, and not on your own?
We were friends, best friends for along time before we started this venture so 2 Brides Photography was our idea of making it possible to work together.

8. Do you shoot together, or separately? 
Mostly together but we do have assignments separately as well. 

9. Do you ever get emotional shooting a wedding?
Oh yes, ALL the time! We cry at almost every wedding we shoot.

10. What is your strength being you - the way you see it?
We complement each other and have different strengths. Sabina is very soft, calm and caring, Isabelle is more extrovert and good at making people do what she wants without them knowing it.

11. How would you describe your style in five words.
We leave it up to others to describe our work, we just do our very best to create and capture lasting memories for our clients.

12. What is your ambition and your goals for 2BP? 
We don't know where this might take us but it's for sure a good ride. We could say we'd love to shoot a wedding over seas or win some award but in the end it's not what's this is about. We do this because we couldn't imagine doing anything else.

13. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Who knows, we just take it one year at a time.

14. Will you ever host a workshop?
Yes, we had one last year and one this year. Once a year is perfect, it is fun, exciting and so rewarding.

15. Do you pay attention to other wedding photographers work?
We have few select that we follow.

16. In Scandinavia many envy the natural light and nature, from warmer and exotic sides of the world during weddings. What do you as international photographer (from Scandinavia) see as beauty, and 'frameworthy' in Norway, and Scandinavia, shooting weddings here?
We love the light in Scandinavia during the warmer part of the year, it is golden! The only issues we have is during fall and winter, we don't have enough light unfortunately which makes it a challenge, at least when you shoot film. Also the nature is so diverse, from the woody northern parts of Scandinavia to the south's flatness and open fields. We adore the archipelago, so amazingly gorgeous and a favorite place to shoot.

17. What do you take away from the weddings you shoot?
The joy of preserving a fleeting moment and give it back in the form of a beautifully curated selection of photographs.

18. Would you or/and have you ever said no to a wedding that you didn't feel was a match for your photography style?
Yes, for the client sake. They would certainly not have been happy with us and every bride and groom deserves what's best for them and sometimes it's not necessarily us

19. When did you decide to do your kind of weddings, or were there ever a question not, to shoot your distinctive style?
It's a something that develops over years, get refined and strengthened. It is not a choice - it is a state of mind.

20. Do you see the world as your marked, or are you focusing on specific parts of the world?
Sweden - Europe - Worldwide.

21. What is your favorite moment during a wedding?
When the groom sees the bride for the first time and the actual ceremony, especially if they have written their own wows. That is very powerful.

22. The website and the design tell a lot about the photographer we think. Your website and design are very delicate, feminine and beautiful, why is that important to you, if so?
Our design is us, it fits our style of photography as well as our personalities and what we are drawn to. Isabelle designed the website, and our blog is now getting a similar more seamless design as well.

23. How important is marketing in photography? 
Very, but it is imperative to market in the right places. In our case it is to be able to show our work on blogs we feel have the same asthetic values and visions as we have.

24. Do you ever feel like following the 'crowd' - or trends in the industry?
Yeah sure. It is hard not to. Every now and then we take a long, hard look at what we are doing and talk about it. But, we have noticed that we look less and less at other peoples work and by focusing more on what we do, we create better and have more fun doing it.

25. Any tip on how to attract the dream clients?
Our ideal client is much like us. Likes to travel, is wild at heart, loves the same music and appreciate good photography and are into art and design. They are not prejudice and they have an open mind. So, wanna have interesting clients, be an interesting person.

26. What motivates you in your work? 
The love and happiness in our clients eyes on their wedding day and their excitement when they receive their images. We try to go into every new shoot with an open heart, a blank canvas. Never to stagnate, push our selves to do better, think in new ways, not be afraid of failure. We always say on the morning of every new wedding, this is going to be the best adventure ever.

27. What do you want your couples to take away from their wedding photos and the experience - and how to you get them at ease?
It is hopefully most of all FUN! We get them to relax by being us, having a good time when we work together, it's a team effort really. That's why it is so important that we are a good match!

28. What is the most beautiful destination you've shot a wedding?
We can't name one, but 3! Positano, Italy. Harahorn, Norway and Gotland, Sweden.

29. If you could choose a fantasy celebrity wedding -  who would it be?
That's a very hard one, but if we had to pick it would be Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling, are they married yet by the way?

30. If you were to style your dream wedding shoot, how would it look?
It would be a relaxed outdoors affair, a girl with flowers in her hair and why not in the area of Big Sur. One of the most beautiful locations in the world.

31. Describe your style in 3 words?
Personal style; Hippie boheme chic, or photography style? Let others describe...

32. Who is your style icon of all time - in photography and fashion? 
In photography we both have had several inspiration sources, maybe not the obvious ones, but during university years we were huge fans of photographers like Joel-Peter Witkin, Anders Petersen, Nan Goldin. Pretty far from wedding photography, we know. In fashion; style icon of all times James Dean, all the way.

33. What do you love about life?
The amazing wonder of life it self, this is not a rehearsal peeps, this is the real show! Go live it to the fullest, every day!

34. What makes you cry?
A good book, an honest word of appreciation, the love in our husbands or children's eyes.

35. Coffee or Tea - Beer or Wine?
Coffee and wine please.

36. Who or what makes you really really happy? 
Sunshine, awesome music our families.

37. If you could choose any wedding photographer first hand, to have in front of your camera, who would you do a portrait session of?
Pia Clodi from Austria. Because she is not only insanely talented but also crazy beautiful.

38. If you you weren't a photographer - what would you do for a living? 
Isabelle - I've worked in a tattoo parlour and with theater so definitely something like that. Sabina - Caring for others, maybe as a midwife or a nurse.

39. Who is your inspiration in life - professionally and private? 
Our families of course, but we also get inspired by other artists, musicians, painters and designers. Right now we are totally sold on Ryan Bingham, can't stop listening.

40. What makes your heart skip a beat - both professionally and private?
Gorgeous light, sunsets, vast open landscapes and bold colors.

41. Who or what makes you laugh really hard?
Our own mistakes, quick and clever jokes and the movie "I love you man" with Paul Rudd and Jason Segel, if you haven't seen it - do it!

42. What is your definition of Love?
Love is unconditional, i is trust, it is compassion, it is attraction and it is also passion. But who's to say what love really is other than the one who carries it in their heart.

43. What do you love about weddings?
What's not to love? It's beauty and love and story to be told and each and every wedding is unique. We'd like to think it is the best job in the world.

44. If you were to give the scandinavian brides one piece of advise - what would it be?
Please, please let go of the strapless dress. No, for real. Be you. Design the day after what you like to do, as a couple. If you like to party, have a awesome party, club the night away. If you like to be outdoors, have an al fresco dinner. If you like to travel, invite the closest ones to join you for a destination wedding on a location you always dreamed of. We have seen some utterly gorgeous brides with impeccable taste trow it all out the window as soon as they become brides. Stick to YOUR taste, what you'd usually wear and how you'd usually ware your hair. Leave it out, be wild if your are wild at heart. Don't be tamed into a form of how bridal stores dictate, there are way more dresses, shoes, stuff to choose from and don't be afraid to do it. We can see it in the US for example, a more relaxed approach towards how a wedding should feel and be like. Get inspired, and follow your heart.



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