Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Brittany and Alper came to see me last February. They were planning their DIY wedding at the North Carolina Botanical Gardens in Chapel Hill on October 11, 2013. They have a great love story and I was excited that I would be officiating for them and telling their story. It would be a really fun wedding! The big day arrived but it was overcast and threatening rain. Luckily, the rain held off although I covered my sound system with plastic ahead of time, just in case! Alper plugged his laptop with the music into my sound system and it worked like a charm! 
Cute signs leading the guests to the ceremony site in one of the gardens. It has really been developed since I did a wedding there years ago.
There was no center aisle, we entered from the side. When it was time and the guests were seated, we began. Sitting on the front row in the white jacket is Alper's mother, Cemile, who came all the way from Turkey for the wedding. Unfortunately Alper's father and twin brother were unable to arrange the travel here. The woman in the green gown is Brittany's beautiful mother, Minerva. Brittany looks just like her! Brittany's grandmother is sitting next to her.
There were no attendants, just the bride and groom and myself.
Brittany's father, Brady, proudly escorted her to the "altar" to join Alper.
Loved telling their story! It was filled with great funny lines and so reflective of Brittany and Alper!
I walked back behind them to read the paragraphs that they were hearing for the first time that I had put together from what they told me about what they love about each other, why the want to marry and what they are looking forward to in marriage.
They put love letters they have written to each other and sealed in to a box that also holds a bottle of wine which are to be shared on their 5th and 10th anniversaries.
As they walked off together, the guests went in a different direction to the Reeves Building where the reception was.
This is the set-up for the reception. 
After the guests were at the reception, the bride and groom appeared from the other path. Perfect timing for me to get a photo with them and then go on my way while they celebrated. I rarely stay for receptions.
What a great couple! Brittany and Alper, you were a delight to work with! You did a fabulous job planning and executing your wedding day! Congratulations on your marriage. I know you will be very happy and I wish you all the best!
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