Friday, October 11, 2013

John and Tonya have the sweetest love story. They met many years ago when she was 16 and he was 22. There was instant attraction but they did not connect and went their separate ways. They both raised families and lived their lives. When circumstances changed and Tonya found herself single again, remembering John and that spark that was there so many years ago, curiosity got the best of her, and she found him on line and sent him a note asking if he remembered her. Well...of course he did and it just so happened that he was single again too. Although he was living in Olympia WA, it did not take long for him to arrange a trip to Raleigh. Upon meeting again, they found that mutual attraction was still there after all the years. Some things are just meant to be, you know! Over the next 3 years they met each other's children and the bond was so strong that they decided not to waste another minute and get married! So, Tonya called me on September 24th and we got started on preparing the ceremony for the wedding on October 5, 2013. Tonya is passionate about aviation and John has become passionate too and is taking private pilot lessons, so the obvious place was at RDU Observation Park which, until then, I never knew existed although I have driven by it so many times!
 Observation Park! 
Tonya and John collaborated on how to get the video feature of the camera to work.
That is Ellie, Tonya's daughter on the left, and Bryce, her son, on the right. In the pink is Ellen, one of the witnesses. John's daughter, Larissa, was unable to be with us for the wedding. Up on the observation deck with us were about 20 other people watching the planes. They kindly moved aside so we could perform the ceremony and I thank them!
Obviously it was a short ceremony what with all the planes landing and taking off but we managed to get in a very abbreviated story and their feelings about each other. Here they are just about to exchange the rings.
 A very happy new family! 
Taking care of the legal details of signing the marriage license--their friends Ellen and Sam.
Such a sweet wedding filled with tender emotions and joy! John, Tonya, Ellie, Bryce and Larissa, may the miracle of this marriage extend throughout your families and bring happiness, contentment and love to each of you and all the lives you touch!
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