Friday, November 8, 2013

On the day of the grand rolling rally celebrating the Boston Red Sox winning of the World Series, a charming couple had their wedding reception here at the Hawthorne Hotel.  When they were planning their wedding we doubt that the potential of a Red Sox win of the World Series was even a dot on the horizon, but things have a way of working themselves out the way they need to, and that was indeed the case.

The couple, Jennifer and Scott, are a bride who is an avid Red Sox fan, and a groom who adores the Yankees  -- what a combination!  We are so happy that at least one of "their" teams won!!!

They spent a lot of time and effort creating just the special touches to add a major league baseball flair to their special day.  Here are some photos so you can see their ideas yourself.

 The placecard table featured a field of dreams for this young couple (above) and the placecards were darling "tickets" which were done so nicely to really replicate a ticket to a ballgame.

 Instead of a guestbook, they had a guest "bat" for their guests to sign.  Such a clever idea!
 A view of the room from the "grandmother" windows.

 The centerpieces also functioned as the table numbers, and featured peanuts in the shell and baseballs on a field of "grass" -- so special!
 The bouquets were made to look like baseballs -- such fun.
 Their wedding cake was separated into tiers using cut baseball bats.
 The "groom" and "bride" sat next to the cake instead of top -- and it was a good thing or I'm not sure we could have gotten a close-up of the cake at all.

 A panoramic view of the Ballroom shows you just how tall the cake was -- talk about a home run!
I hope you enjoy this view of this very special wedding, and that it inspires you to make your wedding your own special day as well.


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