Saturday, November 23, 2013

Jessica and Casey knew they wanted me to officiate their wedding at Long View Center after attending Jessica's cousin Anna's wedding to her husband Scott at the Angus Barn last year. In fact, Jessica was one of Anna's bridesmaids as Anna would be for Jessica. When Marty and I arrived on their beautiful wedding day of November 16, 2013, the wedding party and families were out in Moore's Park getting some wonderful shots. Casey and Jessica opted for a "first look" ahead of the ceremony which allows time to do a lot of the wedding photography before the ceremony.
The couple with Jessica's family.
Pretty in red!! Anna is the third one from the right with hand on hip. It was great to see her and Scott again. He is in medical school in Richmond VA.  He said it is just as grueling as he expected!
The guys are really ready to do this!
So sweet!  
They had a very large wedding party. The groomsmen ranged all the way from the altar down to the side aisle. And the bridesmaids the same on the other side. Casey, his best man Avery, and I are waiting for the bride on the floor level then we will all step to the top for the ceremony. Symbolic of taking their marriage to a higher level.
Jessica is stunningly beautiful and even more so as a bride! (Sorry my photos are blurry!)
Long View Center is the most elegant wedding venue in downtown Raleigh. Unfortunately the building is being sold and will no longer be open to the public for weddings after June 2014.
Scott McKenzie, Music Director at Unity of the Triangle, was our pianist along with a guitarist whose name I did not get.
Jessica's Uncle and Godfather, Michael, read the words of Judith Bielicki in "Friendship."
Then I got to tell the story of how Casey and Jessica met, fell in love, and got to this momentous day!
Our photographer, Sarah Der, comes in for some close-ups of the ring exchange. 
Didn't get a photo of the pronouncement or the kiss--the first or second one. But one of the groomsmen dashed over to the bell tower to ring the bell!
We are all listening to the bell ring here before I presented the couple!
Jessica and Casey, I know you are enjoying wedding bliss now! Thank you for giving me the honor of officiating for you. You were great to work with and I am convinced that you are a great match!
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