Thursday, March 13, 2014


En morsom og kul forlovelsesshoot fra kalde Wisconsin i desember. Heidi & Jessie hadde med seg morsomme luer, og sammen med en dag på isen, ble det til noen superfine bilder av dette sjarmerende paret. Amenson Studio er fotografen bak magien.

FRA FOTOGRAFEN: An Idaho Wedding, with an Engagement in Wisconsin (since that's where the bride's family is from). These two lovebirds were "set up" by their mothers. And it wasn't before long that Heidi, a city girl fell in love with Jesse, the country boy; a farmer from Washington. So naturally a little barn in the background was the perfect fit for these two! It was a chilly day for an engagement, and the pond had just frozen over so we took them there for some ice fun! What a blast! These two are so cute and just meant to be! They always say "mother knows best"....


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