Monday, March 31, 2014

Megan and Michael and their two pups live in the most wonderful, secluded home in Apex. In fact, it is almost in New Hill near the place where I officiated my first wedding in 1997. You truly could say their house is "out in the sticks!" I am so happy my GPS found it. Their wedding was originally scheduled to be on Saturday March 29, 2014 but the weather forecast was dismal. So since their guests would still be around on Sunday, the date was changed to the 30th of March. It was still overcast but no rain or thunderstorms. 
When Dave and I walked up the driveway we could see the house and the multilevel decks that are designed so that you feel you are truly in the woods. The guests arrived at noon and I got there shortly thereafter. Their DJ, was BJ with DJ America. Got my microphone plugged in and we did a sound check and were ready to go.
Then I met Michael and Megan who have been together a long time. They had told me they are looking forward to their friends never asking them again "so when are you getting married?!" We actually put that in their ceremony!
Their photographers, Paul and Melissa, with Wake Forest Portrait Shoppe, were busy shooting and they had also brought their Photo Booth. The kids were having a great time dressing up!
 Nice flag!
 The reception took place around the back of the house on another set of multilevel decks plus a tent. 
Confectionate Cakes did the beautiful wedding cake and the groom's cake. Michael must be into computers! 
Megan has two sweet dogs who are also service dogs. Gracye is retired though. She is a min pin. Ava, her Italian greyhound, is an active service dog who can sense when a seizure is coming on and signals Megan who was injured in Iraq and subject to seizures. Megan has her own training school for these talented  pooches. It is called Triumphant Tails and she trains dogs to be of service to people with all kinds of medical conditions. I learned a lot just reading her website. What a great service! Thank you, Megan!
 Another nice touch.....
Lucky me, I could dress warmly. It was not quite 50 degrees outside that Sunday afternoon. We are ready to begin!
 Here come Gracye and Ava carrying the rings! 
Close family sat up on the deck and the rest of the guests watched the ceremony from the surrounding area. 
Here comes the bride escorted by her father.
 I think Michael was shedding a few tears by this point! 
They wanted a very brief ceremony and it was not quite 10 minutes in length. 
 But sweet nonetheless! 
Dave was taking photos from the ground and could not capture the moment of the pronouncement of marriage but he got that kiss! 
 Finally at last! A big round of applause! 
 Ava and Gracye having done their ring bearing duties are ready to get back inside to the warmth!
My heartfelt thanks go out to this talented young woman, Heather Miller, who heads up her own florist business (Eclectic Sage) and also does event design and wedding planning! She actually brought me on board to officiate. She pulled all this together for the couple and then rose to the challenge of switching all the vendors to another day on short notice. She was a dream to work with! You are going far in the wedding business, Heather! 
Megan and Michael, I am honored that I got to hitch you together in marriage and be a part of your special day. I am so happy for you and I wish you the best of everything!

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