Monday, March 17, 2014

The Oaks at Salem in Apex is a wonderful place for a wedding--large or small! March 15, 2014 was a beautiful warm sunny day and the tent on the terrace had been taken down for the good weather--soon to be re-erected for the unfavorable forecast the next weekend, though--what crazy weather this year!
April Maness, owner of The Oaks, realizing the need for a Director of Event Coordination hired Joslin Rodely (above) almost a year ago and had her watch as I conducted a wedding rehearsal there so she could learn the ropes.  She has done well and I see her often because I officiate a lot of weddings at this lovely spot!
Tim (groom) and his brother Pete (best man) and I assembled for the ceremony. There were 8 guests and our esteemed photographer Neil Boyd  can be seen in the background.
 Amanda's daughter and maid of honor, Abbey, made her entrance. 
 Then it was time for our bride, Amanda! 
 Standing with Abbey is her brother, Aiden,  both serving as their mother's attendants.
 We honored their parents for guiding them to this celebration of love. 
Then Tim had some sweet words for Abbey and Aiden which he read from my book. This day they all officially became a family!
  The vows and rings were exchanged. 
"Tim and Amanda, by the love that has brought you here today, by the vows you have exchanged and by the integrity of your commitment, it is my distinct pleasure to now declare that you are husband and wife!"
 Looks like Aiden is really happy to have Tim as his stepfather! 
Mothers of the couple, Kathleen and Jean, are now officially related, but the English language has no word for their relationship. Maybe we should create one! Any suggestions?  
Dave, my husband, was my photographer for the wedding. He and I both remarked how much Amanda looks like Sandra Bullock. She probably hears that all the time. Look at this beautiful mother daughter image. They are both so beautiful and personally, I think they look more like sisters! 
Amanda and Tim, I am so happy that you found each other and that you found me to join you in marriage. It was indeed an honor and a pleasure! I wish you the best always! 
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