Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I met Ashlee and Jay last August to plan their wedding ceremony for their wedding on April 12, 2014 at Highgrove Estates in Fuquay-Varina. Ashlee's last name was familiar to me because my first cousin married a man with that name and they lived in New York like Ashlee and her family. Turns out we may be distantly related by marriage and several times removed and all that! Such a small world!
They both grew up in New York although Jay's parents have since relocated to North Carolina and Jay and Ashlee moved here in 2010. So they chose the lovely Highgrove Estates for their wedding venue.
Our wonderful DJ was Randy Bennett with Joe Bunn DJ Company. He is always at a site before me, all set up and waiting for me to plug my theater microphone into his system. He is also quite a sharp dresser. Randy has this collection of cuff links so I had to find out which ones he was wearing today and as you can see, they are the Batman ones! I wonder if that is because our groom is a policeman.
Cute idea, probably from Pinterest, for the table assignments and menu. 
This is the lovely garden ballroom at Highgrove. Love the draped and lighted ceiling. The flowers are by Fresh Affairs. Of course they are gorgeous, including the floral decor of the portico where we had the ceremony.
 Amazing groom's cake by Sweet Memories Bakery
The wedding cake by Sweet Memories is simply stunning!  
 The bride and groom's table. 
 After the grandparents entered, it was time for Jay's parents, Cheryl and Jeff. 
 Cindy, mother of the bride, in her gorgeous magenta dress was escorted in by Uncle Scott. 
Time for the wedding party to enter. That is Angela, their director with Highgrove in the background cuing us when to enter. She has been doing this for many years and is a joy to work with.
 After all the groomsmen and bridesmaids entered, Thomas carried in this sign!
 Then our flower girl, Alexis, entered and did a fabulous job sprinkling the petals just right! 
 So now we are waiting for the music to change for the entrance of our bride. 
 Ashlee's father, Jeff, was beaming as he proudly escorted his daughter down the aisle!
 Everyone is standing in Ashlee's honor. 
Ashlee handed off her bouquet, her dad transferred her hand into Jay's and she gave him a little kiss before he carefully found his way to his seat without stepping on Ashlee's simply stunning dress and train!
 A shot of all the groomsmen except the one behind the column!  
 And the bridesmaids in their pretty mint dresses.
 They had a special tribute for their parents and then asked for their blessings for their marriage. 
Then I got to tell their wonderful story. They actually knew each other as little kids in elementary school but Jay does not remember. Ashlee remembers Jay was the little boy who played at her cousin's house those many years ago. It was not until they met again at a party in 2010 when Jay returned from Iraq, that they really got to know each other and really, from that point they have been inseparable.
I asked them each to tell me in confidence what they love about each other. Ashlee's tanned legs kept coming up and at one point she reached down and pulled her dress up a little and stuck out her leg. Did not get a shot of it though!
 And so they exchanged their vows......
 And then their rings......
 The pronouncement.......
 The Kiss! 
 And off they go into their new married life! 
Ashlee and Jay, I am so glad you found each other and found me. It was an honor to officially unite you in marriage and I wish you all the best in the world!

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