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Thank your bridesmaids with Australian opals

The amount of time, money and effort your bridesmaids have invested in making your wedding a memorable event is absolutely priceless.

Having true friends who are willing to put up with your emotional outbursts and planning dramas for months is a true blessing when you’re a bride. Friends who have the patience to debate hydrangeas vs freesias for the bouquets; spending Saturdays driving around with you to find the perfect veil ... well, only soul mates will do that for you.

While wedding etiquette dictates these and more are just some of your bridesmaids’ informal duties during the lead-up to your special day, the truth is that bridesmaids today usually go far beyond traditional expectations to make your day memorable.

Throughout weeks and months of trials and tribulations, these special ladies can become your colour consultants, fashion advisers, design gurus, food critics and every now and then, your counselors, too. There’s no doubt that your bridesmaids’ untiring support and affection deserve a lot more than just a hug and a kiss on the cheek when it’s all over.

Give whole-hearted thanks with a unique gift

Besides being an honour and an opportunity to spend endless hours of fun plotting a wedding event with their best friend, becoming a bridesmaid is a long term commitment of their time and, very often, their finances. So when it’s the bride’s turn to express your gratitude, don’t cut corners.

Many brides treat their bridesmaids to a special girls’ night out close to the wedding day itself, using the occasion to finally relax and show appreciation for their help. It can also be the ideal time to personally reward them with a special gift.

The more personal that gift, the better. Jewelry is a popular choice as a bridesmaid thank you present. Opal stones in jewelry, by their nature, ensure that each gift is unique – a one-off symbol representing a one-of-a-kind friendship.

A symbol of appreciation from Mother Nature

For Australian brides, opal jewelry will not only add a stylish, contemporary touch to your gift but it will afford you the option to match the design and type of stone to each of your bridesmaids’ taste, sense of fashion, and personality.

Not unlike your friends, every one of these rare Australian gems are, quality gifts designed by Mother Nature to be passed on to future generations. Opals are not only rare because they display such vibrant, swirling colours. Found in three isolated area in the Australian outback, opals command prices similar to the finest emeralds, rubies and diamonds.

Opals can also be matched to a person’s characteristics and are said to even accentuate or improve some of the aspects of their lives. Legend has it that Common Opal, for instance, stimulates feelings of self-worth and helps improve relationships; Boulder Opal boosts mental lucidity, spiritual progression and enhances emotional security.

Selecting the perfect opal gift

Almost every wedding budget becomes stretched and challenged, the closer you get to your big day, but the good news for brides is you’ll find the right opal jewelry to present as thank you gifts, no matter how much or how little money you still have available to spend.

At Opals Australia, for example, you’ll find elegant and eye-catching contemporary pieces that make ideal gifts, from just $100. You’ll be able to consider your bridesmaids’ fashion sense with the piece’s design – whether casual or formal – and meet their preference for a setting in either silver or gold.

Whether your bridesmaids prefer pendants to earrings or a bangle to a bracelet, contemporary opal jewelry ranges will surprise you with their fashionable looks. When you’ve made your choices, take the time to include a hand-written personal letter to accompany your thank you gift and you’ll take a place in your friends’ hearts for good.

Modern range with something for everyone


Your maid-of-honour is the person who’s seen you through many highs and lows. She deserves a real treat and a special token of your appreciation. So, if your budget allows it, a sterling silver light opal doublet bracelet (as shown, for $498) – or a similar elegant bracelet from the Opals Australia range – is a fabulous way to give well-deserved thanks with style.


A gift of this exquisite Light Opal Doublet Ring is an ideal representation of your commitment to each other as friends. Just like the bond made by exchanging rings during your wedding ceremony, this piece demonstrates how you and your bridesmaid are bound by eternal friendship. This fashionable design is one of many in the range that is fresh, fun and versatile.


At $128, these chic drop earrings are a quality addition to a friend’s collection and a gift your earring-loving friend will treasure. This contemporary design features a slice of precious light crystal opal enhanced by bonding ironstone to the back to give the stone a black or ‘boulder’ opal look. Perfect for either casual or formal wear, these earrings suit a vibrant personality who enjoys a dash of style.


Your bridesmaids are sure to adore this contemporary and cheeky fishbone design, one in the extensive range of opal pendants at Opals Australia ($108).  Your bridesmaid can wear this bright and eye-catching piece formally or informally, as well as to work. The solid inlay light crystal opal pendant will be a conversation piece everywhere she goes.

Opals: a busy bride’s solution to saying ‘Thank You’ with style

Making the final decision on any aspect of your wedding plans is a relief that lets you move on to the next item on your full list of tasks. Selecting contemporary opal jewelry as bridesmaid gifts is a choice that won’t fail to satisfy all requirements – budget, taste and personal care.

Opals Australia

For classic and unique mementos of your wedding that reflect your gratitude towards those truly special friends, visit the Opals Australia website. Browse through their modern opal jewelry designs any time it suits your busy schedule. You can even buy direct, online, with free and secure shipping provided for orders valued at over $200. 

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