Saturday, June 28, 2014

Out of all the people in the world, Christine and Robert have found each other! Like many of us whose first marriages did not endure, we feel like we have been given a miraculous chance for happiness when we connect with our soul mates! I met them in early May and we started writing the ceremony for their wedding on June 27, 2014 at the historical Second Empire.
When Marty and I arrived, many of their guests had already taken their seats in the East Parlor where most of the small family ceremonies take place. They can seat about 30 to 35 in that area. The reception area is the Pine Room.
This lovely cake by Edible Art was in the Pine Room where the bride and groom were waiting for the ceremony to begin. All the pretty flowers and bouquets were by Embellished Blooms. Amy Allen and her husband Rob with Amy Allen Photography were shooting the wedding. 
When the last guest arrived, we got lined up to begin. Robert and I entered first followed by his daughters, Haley and Hannah.
Christine is awaiting her grand entrance!! She is such a gorgeous bride! 
Christine walked in and Robert met her about halfway and they came to me together to be wed. Love the symbolism!
 "We are gathered here today because of love........"
 A tribute to the parents of the couple........
 Special words for Hannah and Haley from Christine!
 "Will you, Robert.......?" "Will you, Christine.......?"
 "With this ring, I marry you and pledge my heart to you!"
 The girls loved being a part of the Family Unity Sand Ceremony!"
 Filled with love and unity, right to the top! 
 "Look at each other and feel the happiness that you are feeling in this place, in this moment...."
"It is my distinct pleasure to now declare that you are husband and wife. Robert, you may kiss your beautiful wife!"
What a happy happy day! Congratulations, Robert and Christine! I am so happy you found each other and that your love brought us all together to celebrate your marriage. Best wishes always!

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