Friday, June 13, 2014

We take photos of as many Hawthorne Hotel weddings as we can, especially when we see something different, unique or just plain fun. We are NOT professional photographers by any stretch of the imagination, but we usually can manage to capture the images we want. So, when it comes to comparing "our" photos with a great professional photographers photos, the pro wins hands down.

We were very grateful when we learned that not only did the photographer for the the Vousboukis-Mannila wedding take over-the-top great photos, but she also wrote her own wonderful blog post about this wedding. Here is the link to her post: Bonnie and Eric's Wedding by Laura Fisher Photography

When we reached out to Bonnie about the different details of her wedding, here is what she had to say:

Inspiration for our wedding theme was not only that we love to travel, but that we took a cross country road trip early in our relationship after being apart for three months while I worked in Arizona. At this point my brother said, " 12 days in a car together will make or break you" lol. 

The blue and champagne dresses/colors were to match the most common colors of globes and maps, and I thought they'd match the ballroom too. 

I have always lived next door to Salem but never really appreciated it until I moved away. Long before we were engaged we checked out the Hawthorne and wanted it, but I was annoyed that he wanted to look everywhere else too. In the end, it was the last place we looked and our first choice. The ballroom is amazing! We had a lot of out of town guests and we wanted them to have something to do for the weekend when not at the wedding. Salem's location and touristy appeal made it feel like a destination wedding even for us- going with our travel theme! 

My mom made the luggage tags and we used them on our honeymoon to Hawaii ( Maui) where we saw the same ones being sold in brighter colors! Our photographer just sent us our pics and they are amazing, some really good ones of the hotel and ballroom! 

I hope you enjoy looking at wedding photos as much as we do, and I especially encourage you to look at the one's on Laura Fisher's blog post, so much so that I am posting the link here again:  This Wedding

And of course, I hope to see you here.


P.S. Our photos were taken by Elizabeth Buchanan, the Evening Manager.  Thanks, Elizabeth!

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