Saturday, July 5, 2014

Toki and Mamadouba's wedding was a lovely DIY backyard wedding planned only a few days before. Our gracious hostess and "wedding director/planner" was Sako with whom I made all the arrangements to come officiate the wedding. Originally the wedding date was planned for Saturday June 28th but the forecast called for rain all day (although in reality it never rained a drop) so Sako called me anxious to postpone to Sunday June 29, 2014 and that was fine with me. 
Marty and I arrived in the neighborhood, found the prepared backyard and I ventured inside to meet the bride, groom and Sako. There were lots of people already there waiting for the wedding. 
As often happens with weddings planned quickly, the timeline was not perfect and the ceremony started 45 minutes late. Sako had gotten everyone in the wedding party ready then needed time to get herself dressed and ready. Toki and Mamadouba were dressed and ready to do this!
You can see that Sako had a lot of people to get ready! She told me that she expects to have weddings for all these beautiful young ladies someday and will need an officiant!
The guests are ready!
The wedding party now awaits the bride's entrance. 
Toki is escorted in by her brother David. 
Two more flower girls! 
And so the ceremony began. 
It was short and sweet they way they wanted and here I am making the pronouncement of marriage.
Sako was standing nearby to help with the translation. Although Mamadouba is recently from Guinea and not fluent in English, he did understand "You may kiss the bride!"
They are married! 
A very happy couple thanks to Sako's hard work and her vision of the wedding. I wish you all the best in the world!
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