Monday, August 11, 2014

Alyson and Tom's wedding was Sunday August 3, 2014 in Louisburg NC at the lovely Hudson Manor and Estate. It is a long drive but with the road improvements that continue to be made, it is getting closer and closer. I've been doing weddings there since it opened about 10 years ago. The owner, Melissa Cogliatti, has really developed the property into a dream wedding venue.
The interior of the reception hall is ready for the reception. This building was not even there 10 years ago. Melissa has her own catering and bar staff and the food is wonderful.  Fallon's provided the florals.
Now there are three spots on the estate where the ceremony can be. The original outdoor Ceremony Garden in good weather, the Lake View Terrace which adjoins the reception hall and is covered, and the Chapel. Our wedding today was held on the Lake View Terrace because of the potential for rain.
This is the view of the terrace from the steps of the reception hall looking toward the lake and the chapel. 
This is the view of the reception hall from the terrace. It is large and well covered. When we have weddings here, the processional is from the reception hall so the wedding party does not get drenched.
 This pretty cake with the special characters on top was baked by Delicious Bakery.
 Their photographer, Chris Florio, provided the couple with the "unplugged" message!
The bride and her parents and bridesmaids are on their way from the Manor House where they get dressed and hang out until it is time to start.
 The footwear for the day is sneakers! (I did not get the memo!)
Following me are the groom carrying Tommy, their son, and his brother, Ken, carrying his son. They gave the kids to their grandparents to hold for the ceremony. They were very well behaved for 1-year olds!
 The wedding party and parents are in place and it is time for the bride! 
Reed brought in his beautiful daughter, Alyson, circled round and I stepped into to place to ask: "Who has the privilege of presenting this young woman, Alyson, to be married to this young man, Tom?" Of course he answered: "Her mother and I do."
 A kiss for dad and then we begin.
 The really fun part was telling their story. Not everyone had heard it. 
 Hearing for the first time what the other told me they loved in their partner. 
 The vows to each other. 
Behind the groomsmen is Taylor Pittman, our DJ for the day. Always love working with Taylor. The sound was perfect!

 The rings go on.....
In the closing blessing I ask the couple to look around at their loved ones who have come to honor them on their wedding day.
It was quite humid and Tom had a lot of perspiration that was just about ready to run down his face and so I mopped his face to get him ready for the kiss!
 And there it is.....the KISS! 
Alyson and Tom, congratulations on your marriage and I know your future together will be filled with happiness, Tommy, and more!
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