Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sally Oakley of Sally Oakley Personalized Wedding Planning sent Candace and Pesh (full name Rupesh) my way back last September. We met and because I have done quite a number of Hindu/American blended ceremonies, they chose me to officiate. They were delighted that their ceremony could be very couple-specific which includes the story of how they met and fell in love, what they love about each other, and they could write their own secret vows. They have a great love story! See the story of their engagement at this post: Candace and Pesh.
Their gorgeous wedding was held at the prestigious Prestonwood Country Club in Cary. Sally and her staff had worked hard to make the couple's dream wedding a reality. Their photographer was the famous Dara Blakely and her crew. Their videographer, Rob, was with Twenty-One Films, and Udeshi Hargett, violinist, provided the lovely music for the ceremony.
 Fresh Affairs did the florals. 
This is the setting for the ceremony. An air wall at the back of the guests was opened up to flow into the adjoining ballroom after the ceremony and the ceremony area was flipped with tables and chairs.
After the entrance of Candace's grandmother and the parents, Pesh and his groomsmen and I entered and waited for the bridesmaids to make their entrance and take their places on the steps. Then it was time for Candace to enter. She was escorted in by her grandfather and her stepfather.
And so we began with a warm welcome, prayer, tribute to the parents, and remembrance of those who could not join us.
 Then I had the honor of telling their story which garnered some good laughter from their guests. 
At this point I am telling each of them what the other told me in confidence--what they love about their partner and what they are looking forward to in marriage.
 Again, we had some good laughs! 
For the vows we incorporated the Hindu tradition of Sapta Padi and I ascended the steps where the Maid of Honor and Best Man were waiting. Then the couple took a step for each of the seven vows.
They had written secret personalized vows with a touch of humor and they read them from my book as they exchanged rings.
 The pronouncement of marriage! 
 Ahh! The Kiss, Looks like a scene from a movie! 
 It is done! 
 The new Mr. and Mrs. step into their future! 
Candace and Pesh--what a romantic and meaningful ceremony! Thank you for giving me the honor of  joining you in marriage. May you always be happy and satisfied beyond your wildest imagination!

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