Tuesday, August 26, 2014

We always love hearing the "how they met" or "where he proposed" or "site of their first date" or similar stories.  And we do get to hear a lot of those doing what we do here at the Hawthorne Hotel, in making wedding dreams come true.

Last weekend we hosted a wedding that had a very unusual cake "topper" on the wedding cake.  Here is the blog post were we wrote about that wedding on our "daily diary" blog:  Sea Shells and Piggies Wedding

When you see this blog in the attached link, you will see why this is called "This Little Piggie" -- because there was a question about why they chose to have two little pigs as cake toppers.

I just learned today that this lovely couple went out on their first date together to a restaurant with "pig" in the name.  Then, when they got engaged, it was at a different restaurant, also with "pig" in the name.  (I believe neither of the restaurants are in Salem.)

So their cake topper of choice became two little pigs -- one that was modeled after her childhood piggie bank, and the other that was a copy of his childhood piggie bank.  This was such a cute idea, I thought I would share it with you right here.

Be sure to click on the link to see this delightful wedding.

I hope to see you here, and learn about your clever ways of personalizing your wedding.


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